Vocational orientation for refugee girls and young women

Luzi. Freely adapted from Walter Gropius, Schema zum Aufbau der Lehre am Bauhaus, 1923.

We work in different workshops with wood, metal, fabric and paint. We build great things for real theater stages, learn techniques to repair everyday objects ourselves and sew our own overalls. At the same time you will be offered a German course and a computer course. You can try yourself out and together we will see what you enjoy and what training might suit you.

Participation is free of charge.
You can always register.

Pictures: Nele Düll

What we do together:
  Practical and creative workshops (you don’t need any previous knowledge)
  German course (professional vocabulary and job application training)
  Computer course

During the course we will support you and help you to find an internship, job or apprenticeship. We will inform you about how the Berlin job market works and visit Berlin companies, exhibitions and many other exciting places together.

Prerequisites:                                                                                                                  German (A1) or English skills
  Interest and desire in handcraft and design
  Willingness to participate regularly in the course

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Margarete Heitmüller

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Title photo: Nele Düll

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