Vacancy makes a headstand, abandoned shops are waiting for future makers and visionaries!

The pandemic has made everyone insecure. The term, “business as usual”, is out of the question. The experiences from last year have shaken us up, and now is the time to ask these questions about the future together: What is justice? What is love? Solidarity? Community? How should we continue living? How can ideas get real power?

How ‘WE!’ see the future is relevant! And in order to exchange ideas about it, WE! need space for experimentation!

Due to the pandemic – and already for some time in the country – the vacancy rate is growing in various districts and neighbourhoods. But instead of wasteland, right now we need lively, inspiring locations to unite. We’re using the time and creating with you and our partners from HAPPY LOCALS and URBAN DIALOGUES, three young think tanks and makers workshops, the WIR!Filialen (‘WE! Branches’).

The three locations:

Prenzlau (Brandenburg): In an empty car dealership there is plenty of space to set up an idiosyncratic MakerSpace. Those involved are artists, designers and theater makers of the HAPPY LOCALS initiative.

Berlin-Moabit: A store is being transformed into a philosophical theater laboratory in which the boundaries between “I” and “we” are re-explored. This endeavour is artistically supported by the URBAN DIALOGUES association.

Berlin-Kreuzberg: In our Bewegungsladen (‘movement shop’) on Schlesische Straße, a young international team is researching “social movement” with artistic experiments (Proud Productions). Their studio is additionally a meeting place for young people who want to move with them, with dance, music and performances, often outside in the urban space.

Are you aged between 16 and 27 years old, live in Prenzlau or Berlin, interested in dance, music, performance, theater, design, art, culture, politics or history, and ask yourself how things should actually continue in this world? Or do you just want to get on with it, get started, and have a say?

Then write an email to We’ll be happy to send you more information about the three different WIR!Filialen (‘WE! Branches’) and the particular offers to come.

Photos: 1,2: Luis Krummenacher / 3: Stefanie Schulz / 4: Federica Teti / 5: Patricia Sandonis / 6:Aris Kress-Kallidromitis

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