S27 is an art lab for young people who want to change the world. Are you young and want to join us in the summer? Take part in one of the Bildungsmanufaktur’s summer workshops. We look forward to getting to know you!

Lunch included! Masks are available. Small group sizes due to Corona. Registration for the workshops and questions to: j.medernach@s27.de

From 29 June to 17 July | Mon. – Thurs. | 1 – 4 pm | Schlesische Str. 27b

Animated film workshop “The Living Room”
What comes after Corona? And what in 100 years? What will tomorrow look like and how do we want to live there? It’s high time we asked ourselves. The future is coming. We can help shape it with our wishes, demands and strong ideas.
The workshop combines the conceptual preparatory work of our minimöbelfabrik and CUCUwohnen, self-made living spaces become a backdrop that we play with using a green screen. We trick ourselves into our sketches and are already living in the future!

With Rainer Untch in the S27, Clan-B-Werkstatt

The DRESS-CODE studio | painting workshop
We spend three weeks painting and sketching around the theme of “disguise”!
Using various traditional and modern techniques, we will paint large canvases with acrylic paint. The pictures tell their own stories about making, wearing and using clothes. We will be inspired by Sabine Osterman and other artists.

With Carolina Kecskemethy at the Macherei, Schlesische Str. 10/11

CRESCENDO | Brass band and music lessons

Dididi, dududu, traritra, tri trä! Music is a language that can touch and connect. It sounds and makes us resound. This workshop is dedicated to learning this with a focus on wind instruments. How do you make a sound? How do you turn a piece of metal into a sound wave? How does it become a melody? Together we find a sound and let our sounds resound together for a while – until they become more than the sum of the individual parts. The musician Wesam Karema is particularly familiar with different sounds and accompanies us on our way.

With Wesam Karema in the S27

Cooking island summer special
The tomato comes from South America, the pea probably comes from Syria and the origin of the refreshing cucumber is thought to be in India. Vegetables and fruit are true citizens of the world – just like us. People with many different talents and special knowledge come together at the cookery island. We remember our homeland and create something new! We exchange recipes, stories and traditions at the cooker and experiment with visionary ideas for world cuisine. Three weeks, three themes: Herb gardens, origins of food / favourite recipes, summer dishes and smoothies!
With Tina Dalaty in the S27 kitchen

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