A Safe Space of S27 Bildungsmanufaktur

Our learning workshops for young refugees.
Handicraft + design, German language training, getting to know city and youth culture, dance + music, excursions + experience days.

Contact: lernwerkstaetten@s27.de

Berlin is experiencing a very special youth movement: in the last few months, many young people have arrived from all over the world, travelling alone. They have set off from various crisis-ridden regions of the world and arrived in our city at the end of an often life-threatening odyssey.
With the support of the Senate Department for Youth, Schlesische27 has been able to create a creative safe space where young people can learn, work and recharge during the day. We work hand in hand with youth welfare partners and with several agencies that specifically take care of the accommodation.

In the big vacuum between hoping, waiting and moving on to assisted living and school, the most important thing in the first few weeks is to find an uncomplicated daily structure and new friends. An international team in our house looks after about 40 young people, while volunteers support the activities:
Creative learning workshops, German language training, social support and counselling, support in health matters, sports and leisure workshops, and cooking together are all part of the daily programme. The groups often go on excursions and scouting tours to various destinations in the city to help them find their way around.

Refugee children and young people have a right to education – like everyone else, they are also subject to compulsory schooling. Berlin must make improvements and speed up school enrolment!

While the complicated approval process through various authorities takes up a lot of time, the young people are longing for a new home and a perspective in life. Berlin can do a lot to help! Those who can quickly stabilise and feel increasingly safe can regain confidence and become strong for the great common enterprise of „democracy“.

There’s a lot going on here! For example: The King of Belgium visited us..

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