Researchers and artists build a modern monument to freedom with pupils

How free do children and young people feel? What do they understand by their own freedom and the freedom of others? Researchers from the WZB together with artists are travelling to twelve schools across Germany from April to July with these questions. Under the motto “denk!mal Freiheit” (think freedom / monument freedom), they invite pupils to develop their images of freedom and express their ideas and dreams in animated films together with TRICKMISCH.

Meanwhile, the big denk!mal Freiheit, an installation that brings together everything that will be developed until autumn, is being created at our location Falscher Fisch: a testimony to our varied exploration of the many facets of the contested concept of freedom.

We are already looking forward to 20 September, when we invite everyone to our city lab “Falscher Fisch” in Neukölln!

The project is part of the Science Year, which is dedicated to freedom in 2024. Further information on the project can be found at

Preparations are underway. Impressions from Falscher Fisch. Photos: Félix de Casteljau, Nele Düll, Luis Krummenacher.

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The denk!mal FREIHEIT project is funded by the BMBF in the Science Year 2024.

Thumbnail-Photo: Ludwig Schaible