Vocational orientation for refugee girls and young women

Luzi. Freely adapted from Walter Gropius, Schema zum Aufbau der Lehre am Bauhaus, 1923.

Meet new friends, get creative and develop ideas for your professional future. LUZI is a multifaceted project for girls and young women (16 – 27 years) who want to do something together and try out images and roles for themselves and their future.

What we do together:
In the studios of our new venue, Falscher Fisch, we meet female artists, social workers and create our own fashion, jewellery and design objects, instruments, carpets and art installations. We work in different workshops with wood, metal, fabric, clay and paint. In the process, we get to know new handicraft techniques and training professions together.

At the same time you can join our German course. You can try it out and together we will see what you enjoy doing.


Photos: Nele Düll, Nourhan Amer, Luis Krummenacher.

Taking your future into your own hands…
LUZI’s experimental workshops and productions follow the legendary Bauhaus preliminary course. And those who stay with it for half a year, are committed and try out many things, finally receive a certificate of participation from the Berlin Chamber of Crafts, which can very well convey one’s own achievements in later job applications. Exhibitions and presentations show what you can do!

… and shape the future together!
In 2023, both BILDUNGSMANUFAKTUR and LUZI will be focusing on creative proposals and techniques for the future under the title “FOXYenergy”: sustainability AND design, nature AND technology – it’s all about inventions and future-oriented working environments.

Prerequisites:                                                                                German (A1) or English skills
  Interest and desire in handcraft and design
  Willingness to participate regularly in the course

Participation is free of charge.
You can always register.

Call us or write us on WhatsApp or by e-mail:
Margarete Heitmüller
+49 176 5769 8604

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Thumbnail by Julia Osmers

Title photo by Katja Schmidt