5500 square metres to make your own!

Teenagers and young adults, are setting up a lively participatory building site in Lichtenberg together with artists, designers and architects. Here, ideas and impulses take on concrete form.
The city is getting cramped? There is still space, we have to use it!

Stands, Spatial Structures, Installations
From May onwards, a spacey city grows on the wasteland at Zobtener Str. 70, a self-made city, a strong symbol. Here you can invite friends and guests and try out a variety of events.
PLATZ*DA! City is ideally suited as a setting for the summer camp in August, with a lively, youth-political weekend on 8th and 9th of September.

Participation welcome!
We invite schools, youth initiatives and collectives, actors from leisure facilities, young people from the neighbourhood and various communities to be part of the PLATZ*DA! project.
The set off has a good chance that the power will carry on. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Team of PLATZ*DA!

Contact persons: Carla Schwarz & Ayosha Kortlang

Photos: Luis Krummenacher, Nina Klein, Carla Schwarz

Funded by:

Title photo: Nina Klein