Rewire. We make fences sound, build bridges with beats and wire ourselves with Govanhill Baths from Glasgow.

Govanhill Baths is a neighbourhood project in the middle of Glasgow that is actually quite similar to us. There, too, they are interested in circular economy, organise creative workshops with very different people and are committed to artistic-activist experiments with space in the city. Exciting!

We just don’t understand that everything is suddenly going to be completely different with the Brexit. So we get together and found the ensemble Upvention – to make something new out of something old, but better. Maybe that will work with Europe, too. And if not across the board, then at least with us and the other partnerships of the new Cultural Bridge, to which we belong

We had an idea: we will become an orchestra. This raises questions: What are borders and what do they consist of? Material, architectural, emotional? In experimental workshops (located locally in both our institutions) we create digital and analogue frequencies and sounds and exchange ideas. Our motto: Rewire! We work with wire, with electricity, with induction. In the S27 we build pickups from partly recycled magnets and wire, which we send to our new friends from Scotland.

We also explore our immediate surroundings in Berlin-Kreuzberg sonically and performatively. We are experimenting with robotised mallets, controllable via MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface – „a language that allows computers, musical instruments and other hardware to communicate with each other“), which the artist Manuel Strube has developed based on our Pandharmonium. Remote music becomes possible – it is possible to send MIDI compositions and have them played through the hammers. We „play“ a bridge nearby and install ourselves in the stairwell of the S27.

In August 2022, we will travel by train to Glasgow to the Govanhill International Carnival, where we will be guests with our installation. Carnival visitors actively test the installation, composing beats for the rubbish bin, traffic sign, fence and gate of Queen’s Park. Hundreds of visitors linger, observe, ask questions and play our whimsical city instrument. Shortly afterwards, our installation becomes part of the „Deep End“, the name of Govanhill Baths‘ alternative venue while the historic baths building is being renovated. „Save our Pool“ under this motto the community occupied it many years ago and eventually saved it. We are inspired, say hello, goodbye and see you next time.

Cultural Bridge is a funding program of Fonds Soziokultur, Arts Council England, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Arts Council of Wales/Wales Arts International, of Creative Scotland and Goethe-Institut London. We’re delighted to be part of it.

Photos & Videos: Luis Krummenacher.

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