The city is our living space, our home, our stage: together we want to play on it, to change it – to explore how the city will tick in the future. Urban practice creates new spaces of possibility in unexpected places, experimental in form and participatory in process. Make ‘city’ together.

In 2020, the Rat für die Künste [Council for the Arts] its Urban Praxis Working Group proposed an initiative that, together with Berlin-based artists, city activists, and in a network of Berlin-wide campus projects and city laboratories, demonstrated the cooperation and action field of ‘Urban Praxis’.

The S27, together with raumlabornGbK, the Berlin Mondiale and other long-term associated urbanists, provides the catalyst for the city-wide experiment. With our on-site projects  JUNIPARK, the Coop Campus at Hermannstraße, and with Stadtwerk mrzn at Otto-Rosenberg-Platz in Marzahn, we have been able to try out various strategies for creative urban space reclamation in recent years.

And so we are delighted that the Projektbüro Urbane Praxis (=project office) has been staying with us for the time being! It oversees the coordination of campuses, networking and think tank campaigns.

Berliners need more space to meet and actively try things out: a living Urban Praxis!

///Current Status:

Make the city yourself – S27 looks after the new project office!

Team: Carla Schwarz, Anna Piccoli, Rebecca Wall, Alex Römer


The “Lobby” as a permanent representation of urban practice creates a place for everyday encounters and exchanges directly on Alexanderplatz for two months.

Instead of waiting to see what the coalition negotiations mean for the future of urban practice, let’s start with this future now! In a collective effort, we will create a rich bouquet of actions in October and November 2021 to make the relevance of urban practice tangible, debatable and shapeable. In addition to public events, workshops and networking meetings, knowledge is also exchanged over morning coffee or tea.

In close cooperation with our network partners, twelve initial city laboratories will be activated by the end of 2021 and existing campuses will be further developed. This includes smaller pioneering locations – the so-called ‘Bauhütten’ (building huts) – and larger campus facilities that support transformation processes and participation in exposed social spaces and neighbourhoods.

Berliners and urban activists of all ages are cordially invited to help shape the exciting places and to participate in the artistic experiments in a variety of ways.

The Initiative Urbane Praxis is at home in many locations, campus projects and city laboratories all over Berlin. The project office has found its home with us. And so that there is enough space, our company has had offspring: a small factory! „Mobilien – FAKE ESTATE“ is the new office for the initiative, planned by Albert Tschechne and Christof Mayer from raumlaborberlin and built by Albert, Johannes, Stefan and Theo. Photos: Luis Krummenacher, S27 – Art and Education

Network Partners & Campus Projects

The Urbane Praxis initiative is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of DRAUSSENSTADT: