Social design in public service!

As part of BARE (Alliance against Antiziganism and for Roma* -Empowerment) we are kicking-off an initial campaign with our partners this summer. In several creative workshops we want to install special shelf constructions in different corners of the city. Berlin needs more community sculptures!

The young planners are building multifunctional infrastructures in several Berlin neighbourhoods. They’re using artisanal and artistic means to draw attention to their issues and needs and thus gain courage for the next steps. Some of the STADTBRETTER (‘city shelves’) constructions, created with the help of the young design collective Studio ES, will remain as permanent encounter installations in their respective neighbourhoods.

The STADTBRETTER are also self-confident, object-like statements. The young workshop participants are experimenting with the idea of new „authority shelves”, which – assembled from collected boards – carry the traces of their critical analyses and urban research into Berlin authority offices, ministries and administrations. Rearrange please!

During the summer, the furniture workshops form a pulsating, multifunctional communication platform for knowledge exchange and community, which enable encounters with youth and Rom*nja culture.

Pictures: Studio ES
Photos: Luis Krummenacher, S27 – Kunst und Bildung
Photos: Luis Krummenacher, S27 – Kunst und Bildung | last photo: Studio ES

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