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Looking for a change of perspective? While the team of the Kochinsel stands between steaming pots, organises and keeps track, managers of an international cement factory prepare small dishes from all over the world with small knives, mini cucumbers and mini kitchens.
Large quantities, small quantities, large pots, small pots – meanwhile conversations and lots of laughter. A day of contrasts and exchange. By playing with different sizes and scales, different realities meet in our kitchen, which otherwise seldom touch each other. In the end, bon appétit! Everyone enjoyed it!
Thanks for the visit to the managers and “Leaders’ Quest” and thanks to all the staff and trainees who have built up and tried out GULLIVER’S big TINY KITCHEN with so much commitment.

Camera: Max Knoop
Sound: Dario Campo
Editing: Mizu Sugai
Music: Karma Pakravan & Liubov Bolotova

A Production of S27 – Kunst und Bildung

Photo: Nele Düll