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Making the city together


In collaboration with the Prinzessinnengärten and raumlabor berlin

we are participating in the design of diverse transformation processes that are taking place on the extensive cemetery grounds west of Hermannstraße. The cemetery operations have ceased on various plots for some time and since then large areas have been cleared for new activites that place the needs of a social city at their center.

The cooperation partners – together with neighbours, newcomers and refugees – have organized educational gardening and creative interventions that support hands-on participative processes in the neighbourhood. Since 2014, various teams from S27 have worked in the backyard of the Jerusalem V Cemetery together with local residents, youth groups, school and university students. Associations and initiatives from the area have also gained a foothold. Young and old come together to garden, shape and share knowledge, and the experimentally-landscaped garden now has the face of a creative meeting place. In this way, visions of living together can be mapped-out and local changes developed collectively.

In terms of historical significance, the location also holds important testimonies: the foundations of a forced labor camp, the signal towers of Tempelhof’s former airport, and the chapel of the Bulgarian Orthodox community. Step by step, paths and points of interest were created in the last year that depict these events.

The site can be accessed from Höhe Hermannstraße 84 (U8 Leinestraße).

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