High tech meets low tech

A different kind of intercultural exchange


The Berlin.Industrial.Group, a group of medium-sized high-tech companies from Berlin-Marzahn, and the charitable organisation Club of Engineers & Friends e.V. have been close cooperative partners of S27 since 2017. The partnerships have been based on exploiting the strengths of our different organisational structures for non-profit purposes and learning from one another.

Low-tech solutions for the Coop Campus

BIG and CEF employees as well as S27 participants join forces at Day of Care and roll up their sleeves to work together on low-tech solutions for the Coop Campus. The integration and neighbourhood project in Neukölln has benefitted from their efforts with a “mobile handcart solar power station”, an indoor constructed wetland, a compost heater and a straw-insulated workspace. And more similar projects are set to follow.

Contact: Heidi Walter, Club of Engineers and Friends e.V., heidi.walter@cef-help.org

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