Democracy as an architectural experiment

Is there an optimal design for rooms where political discussions are held and decisions are made?


DEMOKRATIE BAUEN (‚Build Democracy‘) is about creating visionary, purpose-built decision-making spaces in which groups and parties with opposing opinions can meet up: Left-wing, right-wing, religious, non-religious, original Berliners, new Berliners, and old Berliners who were once new Berliners. Different ideas and cultures are what make up a democracy – but which room concepts provide the best conditions for debates and working towards a consensus?

As of early 2018, young people from various different youth scenes, refugees from temporary accommodation, school pupils and trainees have all been coming to explore the curious nature of democracy, discuss its future, and share their opinions and experiences. With the help of artists and architects, they then design their utopian parliamentary architecture in various workshops. Impulse workshops, discussions and excursions are all part of the experimental construction process.

It concludes with the BAUAKADEMIE (‚Building Academy‘) conference where a confrontational model parliament takes over the floor and guests take their seats amidst the sea of voices. Everyone is invited to debate the pros and cons of the various room designs. Which model is the most impressive? Which one will later be built? Cast your vote please!

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