Within the framework of the project ‚embassy‘ we created ‚The small shop of world problems‘ („Der kleine Laden der Weltprobleme“).

The ambassador of good news

Young people try out forms of cohabitation on a fictitious diplomatic mission.


How can we nurture an environment of solidarity and democratic practices? One answer lies in spatial experimentation, in model-making – by crafting a creative environment where people can construct and try things out together. This allows them to get to know each other better, to debate and to agree on common rules.

Artists develop live room installations and scenarios with children and young people, as they attempt to run an experimental embassy representing our future ‚Togetherland‘ („Zusammenland“). Participants from the Max-Bill-Schule school and our own Bildungsmanufaktur quickly realise that their utopia is not currently possible in our world. When faced with the world’s problems, great and small, they recognise something needs to be done about it. Their subsequent discussions result in them adopting an ironic approach – specifically, by offering ‚problem products‘ for sale.
Abstract problems can no longer be dismissed if they become too glaring to ignore – e.g. if climate change is an actual item that has been placed on your kitchen table. Customers in our shop become ambassadors of simple ideas. We confront problems head-on and tackle them together while we search for responsible forms of cohabitation.
‚The small shop of world problems‘ (“Der kleine Laden der Weltprobleme”) opened on 12 April 2019 and it’s already receiving rave reviews from customers. The shop was open for one week for everyone to see what participants had conceived and created together. The shop is a model democratic space where everyone is invited to come and get down to tackling our present and our future problems, together.

Artistic direction: Matze Görig & Metin Gürdal

Workshop in the shop with pupils from the Max-Bill-Schule school and participants from our Bildungsmanufaktur. Fotos:  © Aris Kress-Kallidromitis / S27. Opening of the shop. Fotos:  © Luis Krummenacher / S27.

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Foto: Luis Krummenacher